A Guide to Getting It: Purpose & Passion

A Guide to Getting It: Purpose & PassionDear Personal Growth Enthusiasts:

Now more than ever it’s critical to have a sense of purpose and passion in your life. In our fast-paced, hustle-bustle society we live in, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves and become stuck and directionless. Nothing feels worse than a sense that you’re coasting through your life, lacking fulfillment, enthusiasm, and joy. Before you know it, the years have passed by so quickly and you’re left wondering what you’ve really accomplished.
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“I go to work day after day to the same old grind. I live for the weekends, but by the time Sunday night rolls around, I start dreading the week ahead. I’m so bored! I feel so completely out of sync!” — Larry

“I have a loving husband, two great kids, a successful high-powered executive job with lots of career potential, and a supportive family and group of friends. Everybody says I have it all. So why don’t I feel happy? It seems like something’s missing…but what?” — Karen

Can you relate to either of these scenarios? These are just a couple of the endless consequences that can result from a lack of purpose and passion in one’s life.

But you don’t have to live this way!!! Now these very complex concepts have solutions!

A very powerful and transformational book is now available to help you make some real changes in your life so that you, too, can live a life full of meaning and vitality!

A Guide to Getting It: Purpose and Passion provides ideas and tools from life coaches to help you live the life of your dreams! This book will change your life if you’re willing for that to happen. Through their stories, examples, and exercises, the authors will guide you through a journey of new perspectives and priorities that can create new possibilities for growth and fulfillment in your life.

This 176-page book is the seventh in a series written by life and business coaches that is an essential resource for helping to foster improvements and opportunities in your business and personal lives. In addition to tips, explanations, and workbook-style exercises, there are chapters with personal stories of how the authors or their clients learned how to find their purpose and live with passion.

Here’s the Table of Contents for this invaluable guide:

  • Chapter 1: “Becoming the Dance: Moving Voices of Reason and Passion” by Marilyn Schwader
  • Chapter 2: “Getting to the Sacred Yes: Lessons from a Dragon Slayer” by Laura Young
  • Chapter 3: “On Passion and Purpose: Finding the Truth of Who You Are” by Kathryn V. White
  • Chapter 4: “Defining and Knowing Our Life Purpose” by Frederic Stell
  • Chapter 5: “Zest For Life: Putting the Bounce Back In Your Step” by Brian Rzepczynski
  • Chapter 6: “Go Deep. Explore Who You Are, What You Want, and How To Create It” by Lisa Hoth Dalton
  • Chapter 7: “Who Stole Your Passion? Rediscovering Your Inner Fire” by Anthony L. Farmer
  • Chapter 8: “Finding Fulfillment: Rekindling the Inner Spirit” by Bridget Borgogna
  • Chapter 9: “Embrace Your Renaissance Spirit!” by Carol Dickson-Carr
  • Chapter 10: “Violet’s Vision” by Fran Fisher

This book can profoundly impact your life by illustrating practical methods for gaining more self-awareness into who you are, what you stand for, and how to use that knowledge to make your mark in this world through more purposeful and zestful living!

So take that step and order now! This valuable guidebook is available to you for only $14.95! Nowhere else will you find such comprehensive information and tools on this subject, which really touches on the true core foundation for our ultimate happiness.
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P.S. Act now! Don’t let another day go by without acquiring these must-have insights! You deserve to start living the kind of life you’ve been dreaming about TODAY!

All the best with your quest!

A Guide to Getting It: Purpose & Passion, edited by Marilyn Schwader. Original edition.
6 x 9, 176 pages. ISBN: 0-9716712-6-5. $14.95. Publication: May 2005.

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