Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Coaching for Sexual Enrichment and Satisfaction

Are you seeking a more fulfilling and passionate sexual relationship with your partner? Has the desire and “spark” fizzled in your erotic life as a couple and find yourselves frustrated, bored, and disappointed? Do you avoid sex, lack confidence, or feel inhibited sexually? Or are you looking to expand your knowledge, skills, and techniques about sex to become a better lover?

Sexuality is a vitally important part of being human and it affects and can be affected by all the other aspects of our lives. Unfortunately our culture’s repressive views around sex can create a backdrop of shame that can make it difficult to embrace and celebrate one’s sexuality with free expression. As a gay community, our sexuality has historically been a target for discrimination and retaliation, commonly wounding this aspect of our identity and making the goal of personal sexual liberation that much more challenging. The “coming out” process is an instrumental agent in helping to facilitate this needed healing, but there is much more involved to achieve this ultimate transformation.

Sex and intimacy coaching can help you break through all the confusion, doubts, fears, ignorance, and stresses that can rob you of enjoying the pleasures of a healthy sexuality and eroticism. We all deserve that as our birthright! Just as we were not taught in our society how to establish and maintain successful romantic relationships as gay men, we were also not given the proper education for how to move beyond the joys of sex for pleasure itself to uncovering the value and art of intimacy and true connection with another. Showing you how to integrate both will help you to yield the results of a more enjoyable and complete sensual life through the power of coaching.

Here are but a few of the many issues or topics one might anticipate exploring through participating in this service:

  • overcome sexual concerns or difficulties and learn how to enhance sexual pleasure over performance
  • come to understand how your eroticism developed and how your beliefs about sex and your identity as a gay man have affected your experience of sex
  • learn about your desires, turn-ons, sexual function and style, and conditions that can optimize your sexual experiences
  • develop new skills and techniques that can help you achieve greater sexual fulfillment and expand your capacity for pleasure as you learn how to best please your partner and yourself
  • learn how to restore and energize the passion and intimacy in your relationship with your partner
  • increase your GLBT sexual self-esteem, body image, and confidence, reduce anxiety and inhibitions, and identify self-defeating patterns that get in the way of your ability to relax and surrender to sexual intimacy
  • discover your sexual ethics and boundaries and learn how to communicate and negotiate your sexual needs with a partner


The topics are endless! And the beauty about the coaching services available through The Gay Love Coach ™ is that they are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your unique life situation. You will be helped to design a plan of action, with personalized sexuality information and education, that allows for you to have the most fulfilling intimate life as a single or partnered gay man possible, in whatever capacity you choose, in a safe, nonjudgmental, and supportive sex-positive coaching relationship environment.
Take that step towards recognizing and reaching your erotic potential by contacting The Gay Love Coach™ at 630-375-7416 or contact Brian using this form.

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