Relationship Coaching for Couples

Coaching for Gay Men in Relationships

So now you’ve met Mr. Right and you want to ensure that your relationship continues to develop and grow in a healthy direction.  Or perhaps you’re part of a gay male couple who’ve been together for awhile and you’ve hit a snag in your relationship; you’re engaged in some form of power struggle or conflict that you can’t seem to resolve and you’re concerned about the future status of your life together.

There are a multitude of issues and challenges that can arise when two individuals become involved with one another and these very dynamics can actually be a springboard toward greater growth and intimacy as a couple if worked through appropriately.   The Gay Love Coach™ has something to offer for gay men in relationships to help promote satisfying, long-term partnerships and overcome those “bumps in the road” that are NORMAL and INEVITABLE in all relationships. Through various forms of coaching, here are but a few of the many issues or topics one might anticipate exploring through participating in this service:

  • overcoming barriers to intimacy that impede your ability to get close to or connect with your partner
    developing effective communication and conflict negotiation skills that will aid in managing and problem-solving power struggles and impasses better
  • creating more vitality and excitement in your sexual relationship with your partner and negotiating sexual needs and preferences
  • processing feelings and decisions around such issues as moving in together, family adjustments to your being a couple, financial and legal matters, whether to have children, coming out as a couple in various settings and environments, etc.
  • coping with loss issues, such as relationship breakups, death of a partner, and dealing with change or transition in your partner, and identifying steps and tasks involved in rebuilding your life around these adjustments


The topics are endless! And the beauty about the relationship coaching services available through The Gay Love Coach™ is that they are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your unique relationship situation.  You will be helped to design a plan of action that allows for you to define and build your relationship to fit your particular style and needs.  You’ll gain more perspective about yourself and your partner, and you’ll gain new tools and skills that will increase the likelihood of enduring relationship success and fulfillment.

Don’t sit in opposite ends of the house stewing when you’re having an argument with your partner, robbing you of precious quality time that you could be spending growing stronger as a couple.  Don’t allow sexual intimacy to fall by the wayside in your relationship.  And don’t close yourself off from your partner when your needs aren’t being met or you’re trying to avoid “making waves”.  Gay relationships DO work and they can enrich your life profoundly if nurtured in the right ways. We’ve never been taught how to have healthy relationships as gay men.  Now is an opportunity to cultivate the kind of relationship you’ve been fantasizing about. So BE PROACTIVE!

Take that step towards positive change and growth by contacting The Gay Love Coach™ at 630-375-7416 or contact Brian using this form.

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