Dating & Relationship Coaching for Singles

Coaching for Single Gay Men

If you’re fed up with the singles scene, find yourself saying “all the good men are already taken,” or are frustrated with the ongoing barrage of “nightmare dates from hell,” then relationship coaching is for you. Or perhaps you’re just looking to fine-tune your dating skills or are purely interested in personal growth. Either way, no matter what your situation or background is, The Gay Love Coach™ has something to offer everyone to meet their unique needs as singles. Through various forms of coaching, here are but a few of the issues or topics one can anticipate working to conquer through participation in this service:

  • deciding who Mr. Right is for yourself and how to go about meeting him
  • learning how to become a “boyfriend magnet” and nurture the Mr. Right traits and qualities within yourself
  • learning how to attract healthy dating partners and weed out those who may not necessarily be a “good fit”
  • improving your single self-esteem and leading a productive and satisfying single life
  • overcoming loneliness and shyness, fears of rejection, and anxiety about being out in the “dating jungle”
  • strengthening your social and communication skills to boost confidence and promote richer interactions with your prospective dates or boyfriends
  • understanding the role your sexual behavior plays in your life and negotiating responsible sexual practices into your lifestyle


The topics are endless! And the beauty about the coaching services available through The Gay Love Coach ™ is that they are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your unique life situation. You will be helped to design a plan of action that allows for you to have the most fulfilling life as a single gay man possible, in whatever capacity you choose—including, if you prefer, strategizing ways to have deeper emotional connections with other men that allow for the potential for lasting committed relationships.

Don’t walk down the street glancing at gay couples and then beat up on yourself for not having a boyfriend. Don’t stand passively on the sidelines in a dark smoky bar hoping that Mr. Right will approach you from the other side of the room. And don’t come home after yet another disappointing blind date believing that you’ll never find a quality man who’s truly compatible with you. There ARE quality men out there searching for the same kind of substance and vision that you are. So BE PROACTIVE!

Take that step towards positive change and growth by contacting The Gay Love Coach™ at 630-375-7416 or contact Brian using this form.

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