doTerra Essential Oils

I have become a wellness advocate for doTerra products, having become a huge fan of the use of essential oils in promoting emotional health and well-being after discovering that research has proven such benefits. Please visit my site and go to the Shop link to peruse the catalog and purchase your own diffuser and choice of essential oils for the ultimate in relaxation and well-being. There are also a variety of other health and wellness products available.

This site is the authoritative guide to the world of dating, featuring daily articles, “how-to” guides, and “Q & A” sessions by experts in the field. I am featured as a lead expert in the Gay Dating Advice section and you’ll find a wealth of information for your dating and relationship needs here.

GLBT National Help Center & Hotline

A very valuable resource to have on hand! If you ever need to speak to someone if you’re in crisis, this organization is available to offer caring support from people that understand the unique needs and issues of our LGBT community. It also holds a powerful database of referrals and resources for gay-friendly organizations and services in your area if you need assistance with such linkage.

Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples

This site provides a wealth of information on all issues related to gay couplehood, including essays, surveys, and articles on legal marriage, ceremonies, domestic partner insurance benefits, relationship tips, parenting, etc.

Human Rights Campaign

This is a political organization advocating for equal gay rights on all levels, including same-sex marriage and domestic partnership benefits. A very valuable resource for furthering our cause!

The Body

The complete HIV/AIDS website containing the latest research, tools, resources, and support for anything and everything related to this topic.

Easton Mountain Retreat

Nestled in the nature of Greenwich, New York, this gay spiritual retreat center is home to year-long conferences and workshops for healing the mind, body, spirit, and soul. This is a great destination for relaxation, personal growth, and making new friendships. Access their program calendar for information on classes and events being offered.

Rings of Equality

This organization provides an outlet for the sharing of LGBT relationship and marriage stories to further strengthen and affirm gay relationships for cultural acceptance. Go here to read inspirational stories of real-life couples, or even post your own partnership story!

Loren Michaels Harris, LLC

Not only is Loren a spectacular motivational speaker, business & life coach, and musical recording artist, he also happens to be my partner and fiance! Check out Loren’s popular blog for some great personal growth articles and if you are seeking a public speaker, Loren speaks to schools, corporate businesses, churches, social service agencies, among others on a variety of topics related to personal growth, foster care/adoption, chemical dependency, and breakthrough coaching.

Sex Gender Body

This sex-positive community, collaborative blog houses some good reads on anything and everything related to sexuality, gender, identity, and the body and encourages active contribution and conversation about respecting diversity and healthy expression of one’s individuality.

Rainbow Law

The only online legal resource providing free and affordable legal documents to the LGBTQ community in all 50 states. Protect your rights and visit the site to order your free Advance Directives (living will and powers of attorney) specific to your state’s law. They also have a comprehensive links page filled with valuable resources for our community in the areas of legal, health, business, social, support, and more!

Your STD Help

This site is a helpful resource on information about sexually transmitted infections and also has a comprehensive list of free or low income health clinics in the U.S. organized by state for your testing/and or treatment needs.

The Quest of Life Radio Show

This podcast show hosted by Harry Faddis and Steve Sims is an excellent program that broadcasts interviews on a variety of topics related to LGBT issues. I’ve had the honor of being interviewed several times and you’re bound to find something of interest in their archive section as well! Check them out!

Gray And Gay

The place for mature gay men, their admirers, and the GrayGay Guide to places that welcome them worldwide—with the latest news and extensive reviewed links.

Pride Roommates

Pride Roommates
Looking for a gay roommate? This premier roommate service helps take all the hassle out of trying to find another gay or lesbian person to help you pay the rent each month. Whether you’re looking to rent out your room, are looking for another roommate to help pay living expenses, or are searching for a gay-friendly place to live, this service can steer you in the right direction!

Relationship Coaching Institute

I am a Licensed Relationship Coach through this organization that provides useful information for singles and couples on dating and relationships, as well as valuable resources for helping professionals on relationship coaching.

Look Better

A great photo on the profile of your dating personals ad is an important ingredient to attracting the quality singles you want to meet. This site is the leading provider for online dating photos that are affordable and help you in looking fabulous for your glamour-shot.

Disclaimer: The Gay Love Coach does not represent or endorse the quality of any products, services, information, or materials displayed, purchased, or obtained by you as a result of its mention on this website. It’s common sense to do your own due diligence before purchasing a product or signing on to a service.
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