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Hosted at WebTalkRadio.net, my podcast/radio show features interviews with industry experts and members of the LGBT community (like you and me!), advice letter responses, and a “call-in” question segment relating to LGBT dating, relationships, and sex. The show offers tips and strategies for our community on improving our dating lives, our relationships with partners, and enriching our sex lives. It provides a much-needed forum for us to talk about issues unique to us and I’m excited to start the conversations going and to offer a platform for education and support. The show can also be found and heard on iTunes!

If you’d like to be a guest on my show, please e-mail me at brian@thegaylovecoach.com with your show topic idea and I’d be more than happy to consider it! Anything oriented around gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered dating, relationships, and sexuality is game! Please also feel free to e-mail me with any advice letter requests, and the call-in segment is not up-and-running yet, but I will definitely let you know when it is! Listen in on the shows below, and be sure to tell your friends or anyone else you think might be interested! Thank you for all your support!

Multiple Orgasms…For Men?!!!

Want to experience heights of sexual pleasure like never before? Join us as we speak with James Rohlwing, author of the e-book “Multiple Orgasms for Men Made Simple”, and learn about the potential that men have to be multi-orgasmic. You’ll also get some take-away exercises that you can start practicing to help you reach your sexual potential for ultimate pleasure and connection with your partner.

Tearin’ Down the Blocks to Gay Relationship Success

Why is it so hard to establish and maintain a satisfying long-term gay relationship? Join us as we speak with relationship therapist Clinton Power, author of “31 Days to Build a Better Relationship” about some of the barriers that exist for single and coupled gay men that block their efforts at love and commitment. We’ll also discuss some of the ingredients that constitute a healthy gay partnership, as well as offer some tips for overcoming those hurdles so that you can claim relationship success over the long haul.

Astrology for Gay Dating & Relationship Success

Curious about how astrology can help you in your dating life or relationship? Join us as we speak with dating and relationship coach Manny Cosme who will share about the connection between astrology and relationships and you will learn about which signs are most compatible with each other, as well as how to negotiate a relationship you’re already in when the signs are divergent.

Communication Techniques for Gay Couples

How do you defuse anger and avoid getting embroiled in those heated arguments with your partner that leave you feeling defeated and frustrated? Listen in as Dr. Brian will teach you three communication strategies that will get you on the right track toward relationship success so that you can resolve conflict more productively. Also listen in to a short chat with Sue Steirer of Absolutely Fabulous Tours in Part 2 of our mini-series on gay travel as she talks about wine tours and Napa Valley as an awesome travel destination.

It’s a New Year! Want to kick-start your relationship off in the right direction? Listen in as Dr. Brian shares a handful of relationship resolutions that you and your partner could commit to that will promote a closer and more intimate connection for you as a couple in 2014! Also listen in as Dr. Brian starts a mini-series on short chats with gay travel industry personnel to help give you some tips with your Valentine’s or honeymoon plans. Jeff Gundvaldson from Brand G Vacations starts off with some helpful travel tips and destinations.

All About Open Gay Relationships & How to Make Them Work

For some gay couples, nonmonogamy is reportedly a viable choice for their particular relationship situation. Open relationships require significant commitment, planning, and maintenance to preserve the integrity and connection of the partners involved. Join us as we speak with psychotherapist Adam Blum as we discuss the pros and cons of non-monogamous gay partnerships and the elements and strategies needed to promote a successful open relationship.

Ouch! Coping with Rejection in Gay Dating

Rejection hurts! If you want to learn some strategies for managing the sting of rejection, you won’t want to miss this episode! Join us as we speak with life coach Paul Novello, author of “Unshattered Dreams–An Inspirational Guide to a Happy and Successful Life after a Difficult Childhood“. Learn about what rejection ultimately means, why gays and lesbians are hit a bit harder by its impact, and acquire some coping tips and tools for managing the fear of rejection.

Cocktail Talk: The Gay Love Coach Letters #2

Listen in on this Mail Bag show as Dr. Brian answers advice questions from his listeners on a variety of topics, including a partnered gay man’s sudden attraction to women, coping with a breakup while still living together, a gay virgin’s plight with dating, and a partner’s struggle with loss of physical attraction for his partner.

The Power of Intimate Touch in Gay Relationships

Want to add more sensuality to your relationship with your partner? Join us as we speak with Mark Reinart of the Male Healthy Touch Club and learn how you can use mindful touch to enhance the intimacy in your relationship and explore its benefits and ingredients. Also get ready to learn some practical touching exercises that you can start using with your partner today! A deeper connection with your partner can be had!

Coming Out & Into the Gay Dating World

Are you newly “out” to yourself and wondering how to go about the whole dating process? Where do you start? Join us as we speak with life coach Rick Clemons, “The Coming Out Coach”, and explore the psychology behind the coming-out process and how to navigate the uncharted territory of gay dating for yourself.

Gay Polyamorous Relationships: When Love=3+

Have you ever been curious about the gay polyamorous lifestyle? While not for everyone, today’s show will give you an inside glimpse into the benefits and challenges of this relationship style. Join us as we speak with sexologist Jallen Rix, author of “Ex-Gay No Way”, and explore the ins and outs of polyamorous relationships and how to foster successful poly partnerships

Magnetic Relationships: When Positive and Negative Meet & Mate

“Magnetic Relationships” are those committed partnerships in which one partner is HIV+ and the other is HIV-. Join us as we speak with therapist John Ballew, M.S. about the benefits and challenges facing these couple pairings and the psychology behind what it’s like to be each partner and corresponding couple dynamics that emerge. We’ll also share some tips on how these relationships can maximize their success for lasting love.

The Transgender Journey & Dating Experience

Transgenderism is often overlooked and misunderstood in our society. Join us as we speak with Caroline Gibbs, founder of The Transgender Institute as we examine the trans experience, dispel myths about this community, and explore the dating challenges that trans singles face with some associated tips and resources for promoting a healthy trans self-esteem and dating lifestyle.

Cocktail Talk: ‘The Gay Love Coach’ Letters #1

Listen in on this Mail Bag show as Dr. Brian answers advice questions from his listeners on a variety of topics, including the role of gifts in relationships, a cheating partner, whether to ask someone out on a date, and how to craft an online personals ad that incorporates both relationship and sexual needs in the most optimal way.

Gay Breakups: When the Rainbow Ends

Coping with a relationship breakup can be a challenging task. Want to learn more about how to deal with gay relationship loss and develop some important survival skills? Listen in as we speak with breakup coach Manny Cosme and explore some of the common culprits of gay relationship endings and what the grieving experience looks like. Learn about some coping strategies for managing relationship loss and how to go about gauging your readiness to begin dating again.

Gay Dating Tactics: Read My Body Language

“Is he interested in me?” “How can I tell if that guy across the room is really flirting with me?” Have you ever been in those situations where you just weren’t sure if there was an attraction or if you were reading the signals correctly? Join us as we speak with gay dating and body language expert Mike Alvear of gaydatingsuccess.net and co-host of HBO’s “Sex Inspectors”, sex advice columnist for the nationally syndicated “Need Wood? Tips for Getting Timber”, and author of the big-selling book “How to Bottom Without Pain or Stains“. Learn about all the various body language cues that gay daters use to signal interest and disinterest and discover techniques for leveraging this knowledge to your advantage.

Analysis of Gay Parenting

Are you contemplating becoming a gay parent and curious about what it’s all about? Or are you already raising a family and wanting some extra insight and support? Join us as we speak with proud gay dad Kergan Edwards-Stout, an award-winning director, screenwriter, and author and winner of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Award in the LGBTQ category for his debut novel, “Songs for the New Depression”. Named as one of the Human Rights Campaigns “2011 Fathers of the Year”, Kergan’s inspirational story of his personal journey with gay parenthood will act as the backdrop for an analysis of the rewards, challenges, and ins-and-outs of gay parenting. Take a self-assessment to gauge your readiness for taking this big step, and learn about some gay parenting resources that you won’t want to miss out on.

Gay Men & Safer Sex Adventures: Fun with Condoms

Despite the fact that we have a lot of knowledge about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, research studies are showing that condom use has been decreasing recently among men who have sex with men (MSM). Join us as we speak with J. Cameron Gantt, a gay dating coach and matchmaker who recently wrote an article on this subject. Discover some of the reasons why gay and bisexual men may be avoiding condoms, learn about some of the common excuses some men use to forgo use of protection and how to counteract this in the heat of passion, and explore some creative strategies for integrating safer sex practices into your sex life to spice things up and add some fun and spontaneity.

You’re Gonna Stick What Where?! Sex Toys for Boys

If you’re a gay or bisexual man, have you ever wanted to know more about sex toys but were afraid to ask? Join us as we speak to sex toy expert Yvonne Silva from Onjenoo.com about the wonderful world of sexual aids for men. Discover the reasons why sex toys can catapult your sexual life, learn about a variety of the common misconceptions that exist, explore a variety of sex toy types that just might trip your trigger, and become knowledgeable about sex toy safety and hygiene.

“Coming Out” of the Shadows and Speaking Your Truth

The sports world was rocked this past week after NBA player Jason Collins officially “came out” as the first gay male professional athlete. His act of courage demonstrates the power that being authentic and honest can have on one’s life. Join us as we speak with Ronnie Dunayer, a sports psychologist, about the psychological impact Jason’s decision to come forward with his truth could have on him, the sports community, and the gay rights movement. Discover how you can apply these important messages in your own dating life, relationships, and sexuality.

Dating Profile Photos That Get Results–Martha Stewart Style!

You want to maximize your chances of getting qualified prospects to read your online dating profile and respond to it, and the photos that you post of yourself can make or break that from happening! You want to make a good impression fast before Mr. or Ms. Right clicks away to another profile in the smorgasbord, lost to you forever. Join us as we talk to Giles Fabris, CEO at “Look Better Online” where we dish about tips for creating photos that will intrigue and compel compatible dating prospects to want to learn more about you and strike out to make a connection with you.

Lesbian Dating Success Secrets Revealed

If you’re a single gay woman and looking for love, you’ve probably discovered that it can be a jungle out there. Join us as we talk to Mary Gorham Malia, a lesbian dating coach, and discover some important tips that could potentially help end your search for a life partner with these tried-and-true strategies for promoting a successful dating life.

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