Dear Coach:

I have been in a relationship with my partner for going on 4 years now and up until the past year it has been great. About six months ago, we moved to a different state across country; I protested the move, but my partner is originally from there and all his family is there and I decided to give in because I thought I owed it to the relationship. A few months into the move, my partner’s ill father started visiting for weeks at a time until it reached a point to where he never went back to his own home. It’s extremely difficult, particularly since we live in a small one bedroom apartment and our bedroom has been relegated to sleeping in the living room since my father-in-law’s move-in. read more >>


Knowing how and where to meet other gay men for friendship and dating has long been a challenge and complaint for single guys, but the task is made that much more daunting for partnered men. How does a gay couple go about finding other couples who are similarly committed to their relationships for genuine friendship and companionship?

I get that question a lot as a coach. “I never see other gay couples out and about. Only singles.” “Yeah, I meet other couples but it always ends up with them wanting to have sex.” For partners seeking like-minded comrades, it can sometimes feel very isolating. This article will offer some creative suggestions for enhancing your exposure to other gay couples with the hope of promoting your chances for building your friendship circle.