Dear Coach:

My boyfriend and I talk about marriage all the time and our future. This is the real deal; the last man I will ever be with. I am ready to move to the next level of our relationship without any doubts or regrets. My boyfriend, however, is not ready yet. What does that mean?  Why talk about marriage and a future if he is not ready for the living-together step? Is it me? read more >>

My partner and I have been together for 20 years and are very much in love.  We are both very successful. I am out with friends and family. He is not out with his family – or at work.  We have a house together. When he is on the phone i have to remain silent so as to not be  heard.  He often gets dragged out  to events after work because nobody knows he has someone waiting for him.  When his family comes to visit – I move into a hotel for a night or a few days. read more >>

Dear Coach:

I am quite confused. My partner and I have been together for more than a decade and we are actually best friends from childhood. We are both disabled. It is my fault that I bring to this relationship victimization from domestic violence, rape, and sexual and physical abuse from childhood. Still my lover overlooks all this and then some. We both also have anger issues and I have post-traumatic stress disorder. We are both in counseling separately so I can deal with these issues and he’s working on his issues of lying and yelling. He has recently started hinting a proposal of marriage lately and I’m 50/50 about it because of everything that’s gone on. What should I do?

On The Fence