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Here is an interview I did with Harry Faddis on his radio show “The Quest of Life” where I share some insights into some research I did on the sexual behavior of gay men, including commentary on the apparent decrease in condom use, as well as the roles of honesty and integrity in relationships.


Hi everyone!

Retro MicrophoneI’m excited to announce the launch of my new podcast/radio show on Web Talk Radio! I was approached by a media production company about my doing a show on LGBT dating, relationships, and sexuality and I’ve been hard at work learning about podcasting! Today the first show has aired, and it’s on lesbian dating tips, and each episode will address a different topic of interest on the aforementioned subjects. So please feel free to check out my virgin debut into the world of podcasting and please spread the word. There will be something of interest for everyone! Check out the show homepage here:  http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/the-gay-love-coach/   Thanks for all your support! Cheers, Brian

I am excited to announce that I’ve just been notified that I’ve been named as one of the “Top 10 Best Gay Dating Bloggers of the Year” by DatingAdvice.com AND in the “Top 100 LGBT Marriage, Dating, and Relationship Blogs” by GayDatingSites.net. It is truly an honor to be recognized for my work and I hope that my writing about affirmative gay dating, relationships, and sexuality helps to make a difference in our community. Cheers to our continued progress toward legitimizing our relationships and thank you for all your support and friendship! Please feel free to check out the links to the two sites above as they both have a plethora of resources listed for your perusing!

Here’s Part 2 of my 3-part interview series with Harry Faddis of “The Quest of Life” radio show. This segment (9/16/11) covers secrets for keeping the spark alive in long-term gay relationships


I was interviewed last month by Harry Faddis for his radio show “The Quest of Life” and had a blast! It was my first time on a “live” radio show and it was a great time. The topic? “Dating Success Secrets for Single Gay Men.” It’s the first of a 3-part monthly series on “The Quest for a Fabulous Gay Love-Life!” The show can be heard at the “Quest of Life” show archive page here . Or it can be downloaded for free at iTunes! I’ll be posting Part 2 on relationships very soon!

Check out the other shows at “Quest of Life” . There’s some great quality content to be heard!


Dr. Brian

I was interviewed a few weeks back by Rick Lugash of “How to Master the Inner Game of Gay Dating” , a new site on Facebook that’s dedicated to providing helpful content for gay singles to promote more success in dating. I’m a big fan because I think we share similar visions and there’s some great articles and interviews posted that you should check out if you’re single and looking for Mr. Right. I tried to upload the podcast here for your convenience, but unfortunately the file size was too much for my site, so you can check out my interview and sign up to be a member of their Facebook Group on their Page if you like here .

The discussion deals with the impact that one’s sexual behavior can have when you’re dating and on a quest to find “The One.” It’s certainly a controversial topic for sure! What are your thoughts on casual sex when on the pursuit for a meaningful relationship? Does it help or hurt the cause? What are the boundaries, if any? Post your opinions below and let’s see what we all think about this tricky matter (pun not intended)…


Dr. Brian


Welcome to the launch of my new blog website! Won’t you join me in the clinking of champagne glasses? Well, actually a Mimosa for me please!

My site was re-designed by the magnificence of Joelle Reeder at Moxie Design Studios and I hope you like the new look and navigation of the site  (By the way, if you’re looking for a web designer, I HIGHLY recommend her and you can check out her portfolio).

The new blog feature is hoped to provide more interactivity and to give you easier access to all the content that is available for your self-help needs pertaining to dating, relationships, and sexuality. In addition to the practical articles you’ve come to know from me, you can also look to the blog for advice column responses, voting poll results and dialogue, references to interesting news stories and links to sites catering to gay love and relationships, and special announcements about upcoming classes and products I’ll be offering.

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Another new feature is a GLBT Recommended Readings page where you can browse and purchase books on dating, relationships, and sex that cater specifically to our community (it’s on the Shop page).

I hope you enjoy my website and blog and find it a valuable resource for your dating and relationship needs. And I love feedback! Please feel free to add comments to postings, ask questions, and offer your own special insights. If you have any suggestions for articles, please feel free to shoot those ideas my way and I’ll do my best to incorporate them in some way.

The purpose for this site is to create a hub of support and friendship. With our shared wisdom and input, we all can benefit and learn from each other on how to have fabulous gay relationships, whether single or partnered!

Cheers! Here’s to your success!

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