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Growing up gay, we didn’t receive any socialization on rites-of-passage when it comes to love and relationships; the only dating template we had to go on was the male-female variety. While dating and romance can take on similar qualities as our straight counterparts’, there are also some very real differences. With two men, who holds the door open? Who pays for the first date? Who does what? There are no clear, designated roles to follow like straight relationships have. While we are fortunate to not be bound to certain “rules” when it comes to dating, it at the same time can be confusing on how to navigate through various interpersonal situations. It also becomes challenging in trying to determine if the guy you’re seeing is a “keeper” or not based on the blurred roles. What follows are five qualities of gay men that could be considered “a good catch” in helping you to assess whether he’s got the goods!

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